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Rates as of May 1, 2017

Residential Customers (Billed quarterly per EDU):  
Monthly $ 52.30
Quarterly $ 156.90
Penalties on past due balance 5.48%
Yearly payment discount 5.00%  ($31.38)
Commercial Customers (Billed quarterly & monthly):  
Monthly $ 52.30 per   4,200 gals. of water used/EDU
Quarterly $ 156.90 per 12,500 gals. of water used/EDU
Penalties on past due balance     5.48%
* All fees and charges listed above may be changed from time to time by action of the Municipal Authority Board of Directors.

Fee Schedule as of July 1, 2017

Residential Tap Fee $ 4,150.00
Commercial Tap Fee $ 4,150.00 for the first EDU.
Saddle $ 250.00 (includes inspection fee)
No-Lien Letter $ 30.00
Dye Test $ 60.00
Home Sale Inspections $ 230.00 (Includes dye test & televised lateral inspection)
Certified Letter $ 17.00
Hand Delivery of Certified letter $ 17.00
Non-sufficient funds (NSF) $ 27.00  **Effective 11/01/08
Water Shut Off fees $100.00  **05/01/14 new MAWC fees.
* (Additional charges apply from MAWC for guaranteeing same day service)  
Lien and Service fees $ 125.00
Re-Inspection fee   $ 50.00

Bill Payment Options

NHTMA customers now have the option to pay their sewage bill utilizing various methods of payment, ACH banking, Credit Cards, Electronic Check, Mail, Drop Off Box and in person.  All these payment options are outlined in our "Payment Options Brochure".  You may view the brochure by clicking here or contact our office to pick one up or have one mailed to you.